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Irafaan visits Rylands High

Irafaan paid Rylands High School a visit recently and his timing was excellent as they were their annual Fun Day. There was lots of fun to be had as there was music, signing and lots of snacks to be had. Rylands High is one of the ten schools that have joined the initiative – Irafaan’s own school Rocklands High, Trafalgar High, Darul Arkam High, Glendale High, Sea Point High, South Peninsula, Chapel Street Primary and Parkhurst Primary.

Each school endeavors to raise R 100 000 by means of a “Sponsorship Card.” All learners will be issued with this card which will be illustrated with 43 blocks. Each block represents a kilometre I will complete in the race, which is 42.9 km in distance. There is also a monetary value of R5 attached to each block and each learner will be able to raise R215 for their school. Each school therefore stands to raise a projected R200 000, the proceeds of which they will benefit from 100%!

Irafaan spent some time with the Rylands High learners and Teacher Mrs. Ganie; who is the driving force behind the fund raising for the New York Marathon Million Rand Challenge. Rylands High School recently raised R100 000 for the Somalia Famine Relief campaign run by Gift of the Givers. Irafaaan was not alone at the event, Wafiq from Idol’s fame was also there, Steven of DP cricket equipment was as well as Cobra’s player Dane Piedt. He briefed the teaching staff about the progress of his campaign and spent some time with the learners as well.


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Irafaan and Rylands High Teacher;Mrs Ganie

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