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NYCMMC Farewell

Team Fanie; the team behind Irafaan’s New York Marathon Million Challenge had a farewell party for Irafaan. It was a brief together with friends, work colleagues and family to bid farewell to Irafaan as he departed for the New York Marathon.

All the “blood, sweat and tears” has come to this final moments, the highlights of the campaign included the following:

  • A grand launch of the New York Marathon Million Rand Challenge at S&S Squash courts
  • A tough weekly training regime with Jade and the dedicated team at Solid Sports, click here to view the pics
  • Visiting schools across the Western Cape including Rylands High
  • Being the guest of honour in Port Elizabeth at a SANZAF Gala event
  • Walking the ARD race with visually impaired walkers from LOFOB
  • Been interviewed by various print publications, see the media section
  • Live on Internet Radio stations such as Two Oceans Vibe and with Leila and chatting to Soli Philander from The Taxi, see the pics by clicking here

Pics of the Launch

Pics of the Farwell, click here

Team Fanie at the Farewell

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