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Two Oceans Marathon

Irafaan undertook the 56km Two Oceans Marathon and ran with Itheko’s 2.0 bus under the guidance of Aslam Galant and Abu Mowlana. The race was tough with runners climbing the┬ásteep Ou Kaapse Weg and infamous climb on Southern Cross Drive.

The momentum of the 2.0 bus was awesome and carried Irafaan to finish to complete the Ultra Marathon course in 6h51mins.

Event Photos

Quote from a runner who completed the 56km Two Oceans run

THE FINISH … what a rough n tough journey is been ! But what a great feeling of accomplishment n satisfaction knowing you’ve conquered the MONSTEROUS OU KAAPSE WEG ! fantastic vibe n atmosphere…n a beeeg thankyou to all who played a part of this trek.

Watch this space COMRADES NEXT !! pray for me …

Posted by Faizal Miller on Sunday, 5 April 2015

Kit Handover pics

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