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One of the projects I initiated at the school where I teach is The Rocklands High Social Club. It was born out of an opportunity I saw in which to make our students more aware about the greater need in our community. My goal was to encourage them to develop a sense of social responsibility and empathy and then to assist in whichever way they are able to. Through connecting with the local community, whether it was regular visits to old age homes, providing bread to fellow learners, or our weekly soup drive – these youngsters understand the social-economic problems surrounding them.

Another highlight to the social club was unearthing the hidden talent within our youth. No visit to an old age home was ever complete without some form of singing and dancing for the elderly!

We also became involved in projects further afield and for two consecutive years we have been recognized as the Best Refreshment Station at the Two Oceans Marathon, click here to find out more. This was only possible through the great spirit and team work our kids displayed both years.

Another service we provide to the community is that of assisting organizations with fundraisers. We provide a catering service for functions at no cost. The Rocklands High Social Club has in its three year existence at the school grown from 20 members to 180 members strong.

Sports Breyani is a 2 hour sports show that airs every Friday evening and covers all sports and related issues on a local, national and global stage.  Education Indaba airs on a Sunday evening and is a three hour show that analyses matters within education.

Radio, like teaching in a classroom, is a powerful tool for communication. I have a class of about 300 000 learners. Through these programmes, I aim to inspire, empower and educate.

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